Quality & Safety Standards

Quality & Safety Standards

We ensure the best quality of our solutions to always offer our partners around the world the most successful advice to its objectives. Our products are produced under the following official certifications

Quality matters! We understand that at Divon Pharama. Hence, through our thorough and careful selection of Certified Manufacturing Facilities and International partners, we ensure quality products. Aided by a strong research and technical team, we convert insights into new practical applications every day.

Our approach

We apply and adhere to a strict set of quality standards, and we have policies and procedures in place to identify, measure, control and sustain product-quality excellence.

Our Global Quality Compliance organization is responsible for establishing the standards that ensure that all of our company’s products are manufactured, tested, released and distributed in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

We continuously strive to improve these standards in order to enhance procedures and ensure ongoing compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs).

We provide appropriate and ongoing training on CGMPs for our employees, so they are prepared to perform their duties effectively. Our system not only ensures that all applicable employees are trained, but also monitors the effectiveness of the training provided.

Supplier selection

We maintain strict quality standards no matter where our products are manufactured. Once we have decided to engage an external manufacturer, that manufacturer is required, by contract, to comply with our business requirements, regardless of where the manufacturer is located.

We conduct audits of every potential new supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients, formulated products and sterile products, to determine its acceptability and compliance with CGMPs. We review the systems that the potential supplier uses to purchase materials to ensure the quality of the products the supplier intends to provide to us for our further use.

Only if a supplier meets our stringent criteria, which include a review of the company’s regulatory inspection and outcome history, will we then negotiate a commercial agreement. These agreements include detailed provisions relating to the quality standards we require suppliers to uphold in order for them to manufacture a product for our use.