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Global challenges
Our plant is rapidly changing. the population is growing, more people are joining the middle class. All of them deserve good nutrition and health.

Explore the pages to the right and see how veterinarians working a alongside farmers research and others can help us met this challenge.

Partner with us to meet all your animals needs

We at Divon Pharma are dedicated to develop innovative and sustainable Solutions that our customers success through healthy and safe animal nutrition. Our mission is to fulfill the expectations of our partners in poultry and aqua industry with our new generation feed additives and drinking water products

Global Challenges

Best solution for Necrotic Enteritis

Coccidiosis and Necrotic Enteritis are among the top concerns in broiler production. Production losses and treatment costs run globally up to billions of $ per year. Moreover, reducing the use of antibiotics in the livestock industry has become a world-wide target to decrease the occurrence of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria

New Generation Layer Program!

Using our layer concept, will help you for more profitable farming with greatest performance results together with minimum health problems. Consistently healthy laying hens, high egg yield and excellent eggshell quality. Contact us for the details.

New Generation In-water Concept

DIVOCID is a liquid broad spectrum antibacterial drinking water product for gut health, gut integrity and better performance of poultry. DIVOCID is a synergic combination of essential oils and short chain fatty acids, developed to keep the optimal gut efficiency in poultry production

Coated Oregano Feed

DIVOGAN Coated Oregano feed is a new type of efficient and green feed additive which is composed of oregano oil by molecular envelope technology and bioactive material stabilization technology

Superior Toxin Binder

Immunity Booster & Antivirus Agent Complex Essential Oil promote immune organs growth, strengthen the immune effect and prevent of vaccination stress. Prevent and treatment virus / bacterial mixed infection diseases, especially during high-incidence season of virus and bacterial

Power With Immunomodulation

All-Natural Ammonia & Toxic Gas Treatment for Fish and Shrimp Divomonia™️ is your organic solution to Ammonia Control. Using the natural properties of yucca plus a specially-selected blend of living probiotics, Divomonia™️ breaks down ammonia and other toxic gases to restore your water to healthy levels.

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