Challenges in poultry production

Efficient poultry production requires the utmost care in management and feeding of birds. Divon Pharma offers the basis for a profitable and successful poultry farm: high quality products that aim to keep the birds vital and robust and, thus, allowing best performance of your broilers, laying hens or parent stock.

Divon Pharma – a win-win situation in poultry production

Modern poultry production is a highly sophisticated process. Success depends strongly on skilled management and proper nutrition regimes to optimize feed conversion ratios as well as boost daily weight gain or laying rate. Achieving these production goals while minimizing feed costs is one of the main challenges in poultry production.  

Poultry producers are confronted with a variety of challenges both on and off of the farm, such as the challenge of consumer pressure to enhance animal welfare, while simultaneously striving for increased performance. In the search for performance enhancers that are different than antibiotic growth promoters, phytogenic feed additives are proven to reduce production losses and enhance feed efficiency – even in the highest levels of production, a further optimization of efficiency in poultry production is possible.

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Our Poultry Solutions

Divon Pharma manufacturers and produces a leading product line of probiotics, direct fed microbials, enzymes, and environmental cleaners for poultry. These products, distributed through our network of distributors and dealers, provide farmers with high-quality, natural solutions to their toughest challenges.