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Modern swine production systems face the main challenge to reconcile both shifting the production performance to highest level while simultaneously guaranteeing animal health and welfare. Isn’t it in the interest of producers as well as consumers to obtain these goals at lowest production costs and with the help of safe and natural solutions?

In pig farming, a high feed conversion means achieving the highest growth rates and daily profits while keeping feed costs as low as possible. Improved feed efficiency and overall improved performance lead to higher profitability – the most important driver of pig production. Phytogenics for pigs are a natural and effective nutritional tool to optimize pig production in terms of reducing feed costs, improving feed conversion and increasing productivity.

Take on your PIG challenges

Pig production faces many challenges, mainly due to market pressure, environmental conditions and other constraints, which have a direct impact on pigs’ performance throughout their lives. Moreover, each phase of pig production has its own requirements: from maintaining the development of a healthy intestine in piglets post weaning to improving growth performance in growing-finishing pigs. In addition, there are political regulations that restrict the use of antibiotics and set the goal of minimizing environmental pollution. Natural solutions concepts are needed to win in existing competition and maximize the profitability of your business: Our effective Pigs solutions Products is perfectly tailored to the needs of your pigs and your business.

Challenges in pig production?

1- Feed intake in pigs

Successful pig production depends on many factors: a consistently high feed intake in piglets right from the start, best feed conversion, the development and maintenance of a stable digestive system, high milk quality and quantity of the lactating sow, and uniformity of the litter – all these are challenges to overcome for profitable piglet production.

To meet these challenges successfully, it needs a high reproductive performance of the sow, a high level of piglet vitality and a uniform growth with high feed intake in pigs

2- Post-weaning problems in piglets

Weaning is a stressful period for young piglets: during weaning and the 10-14 days after, piglets face major challenges. It’s a race against time: the piglet is separated from its mother, put into a new environment with new pen mates and less digestible feed presented in different form.

At the same time, its digestive tract and immune system are not sufficiently developed yet to cope with all these changes. This often results in loss of appetite and, consequently, a reduced feed and nutrient intake. In particular, a reduced feed intake – one of the main post-weaning problems in piglets – is seen as a precursor to intestinal imbalances

3- Growth performance in growing-finishing pigs

Pig producers have a hard time – rising costs and falling prices make optimal growth performance in growing-finishing pigs more important than ever. In addition, production results must be constantly adapted to consumer demands – residue-free meat of best quality, reduced environmental impact and improved animal welfare.

In order to achieve the full growth potential of grower-finisher pigs, they need optimal nutrient supply adjusted to their respective phase of life. Additionally, a good feed conversion and stress tolerance are necessary – otherwise the animal’s fitness and welfare concerns will fall by the wayside.

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