About Us

About Divon Pharama

Over the last few decades, many aspects of farming have changed. In intensive cattle rearing, production units are becoming larger and larger so that more is produced at minimal cost. This means that productivity must be as high as possible, using a minimum of surface area per animal and with a minimum of labour costs.

Stricter legislation and higher quality requirements have made both farmers and consumers aware of the benefits of healthy and natural breeding methods on the one hand and of profitable and economically viable ones on the other.

Divon Pharama provides an answer to these new challenges by offering support products that benefit health, the environment and the operating capacity and therefore the profitability of modern farms. We want all our customers to be satisfied and therefore strive to offer you the best service, with better animal health and higher productivity as a result. This clear objective has made our customers opt for Divon Pharama time and time again.

Why choosing DIVON PHARMA?

Return on Investment

We are constantly searching for solutions to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers, in order to achieve mutually profitable results. We are at complete disposal to provide all the tools for our customers to obtain the maximum return on investment and create a measurable value for the success.

Our core values

Our core values are driven by a desire to be visionary in our thinking, and ever ready to respond to our dynamic industry.

By collaborating closely with each other and our customers, we build strong partnerships in an effort to improve the health of animals around the world. We approach our work every day with a deep sense of responsibility – to our customers, consumers, animals, society and the planet.