DIVOCAL is a complex formulation intended for bone structure strengthening.
The product contains high vitamin D3, calcium and phosphorus content (in the right ratio of 2:1).

Indications for use:

  • soft eggshells
  • rachitis
  • cachexia
  • deformed eggshells

Main components:

Calcium chloride
Magnesium chloride
Vitamin D3
Manganous chloride, tetrahydrate
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciférol) 25,000000 UI
Vitamin D3 (Hydroxycholecalciférol)
Calcium pidolate
Calcium propionate
Phosphoric acid
Equivalent to 320000 UI of Cholecalciferol

Directions for use

Doses in the water dispenser

Poultry: 1 L per 1 000–2 000 L of water for several days

Rabbits: 1 mL per 1–2 L of water for several days