DIVOCOCS is a unique, carefully selected composition of natural plant extracts for the prevention of coccidiosis. DIVOCOCS also has a bacteriostatic and immunostimulant properties. The composition of the product was developed and tested by a team of scientists from the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Turkey. DIVOCOCS is a response to the problem of growing resistance of protozoa to coccidiostats and consumer expectations in terms of the quality of poultry and eggs.


Indications for use:

  • prevention of coccidiosis
  • low rearing efficiency ratio
  • susceptibility to bacterial infections


Main components:

Echinacea tincture
Sage oil
Thyme oleoresin
Rosemary oil
Garlic oil
Oregano oil

Directions for use

Doses in the water dispenser

All species and production groups of poultry: 1 L per 1 000 L of water