Helps to increase immunity and improve the performance and promote growth rates

DIVOZYM a source of biologically active immunoglucan and oligosaccharides, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Selenium yeast formulated together to promote a healthy intestinal tract and active immune system to improve animal wellbeing and performance.

Composition per Litre
Beta-Glutanase 25 gm
Yeast Extract (Inactive Saccharomyces Cerevisae) 15 gm
MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharide) 15 gm
Bacillus subtilis 50 gm
Lactobacillus bulgaricus 15 gm
Lactobacillus plantrum 15 gm
Streptococcus facieum 15 gm
Asprigillus nigger 15 gm
Cellulase 135,000 u/g
Xylanase 5,300,000 u/g
B-Glucanase 2,810,000 u/g
Pectinase 75,000 u/g
Mannanase 25,000 u/g
Acid Protease 6,000 u/g
Natural Protease 6,000 u/g
Amylase 700 u/g
Lipase 125,000 u/g
Phytase 125,000 u/g


– Improve animal growth and production
-Improve meat and animal product taste and flavor
– Good feed supplementation levels with multivitamin and minerals
-Improve digestion and feed absorption with supply animal with More enzymes and easily absorbed
-feed Control ammonia in poultry houses by reduce the urea extract and utilize it to more body protein formation


1L per 1000 Liters of drinking water for 5-3 days. shake well and ensure proper distribution of product in drinking water