STRODIV is a formulation for cattle recommended for so-called silent oestrous and as an insemination efficiency enhancing product.

Very often the problem of “silent oestrous” affects the high-performance dairy cows, which are diagnosed with energy deficiencies or inadequate ration balance. Deficiency of indispensable amino acids results in the formation of excessive amounts of ammonium ions, which consequently adversely affects reproduction.


Indications for use:

  • silent oestrous
  • low effectiveness of insemination
  • energy deficiencies

Main components:


Sodium chloride

Vitamin A

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E




L-tryptophan produced by fermentation with Escherichia coli CGMCC 7.59

aromatic substances

  Directions for Use

Dosage per head


In the event of silent oestrous: 500 mL per animal as an oral infusion. Repeat after 10 days.

Before insemination: 500 mL per animal as an oral infusion, 4 hours prior to the planned insemination.